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I was in pure excitement all day at work yeaterday in anticipation of the NXE, so when i got home at 6:30 i cranked up the 360 and downloaded the update and i was pleased to see the new dashboard and the Avatars.

It was so so simple to create my Avatar although i wish there were more clothing options as i always wear a beenie hat indoors but hey hopefully Rare are making some more additions.

As for the Marketplace, i was disappointed with the fact that i kept getting several error codes when i was trying to browse but im sure that it was overloaded.

I found the party mode brilliant as i had two of my mates into my party and we chatted, something a lot of people have been wanting since day one.

Here is my avatar hope you like it lol


It will not be long before we see the NXE or New Xbox Experience come to life this upcoming Wednesday.

I for one have been really looking foward to this since it was unveiled at E3 way back in July. The major feature of Avatars and the new way of partying up with mates is fabulous!!! have the new gamercards which will let you have your avatar on them or even use your avatar as your old gamer picture.

Surely now the Xbox 360 is the best next gen console now with 3 great price ranges and unbeatable bundles this christmas compared to both the Wii and the PS3!

Get Buying!

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